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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Pipeline dream

Some months ago, a book was published in France entitled 'Osama bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth.' The authors, Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasique, described a connection between the September 11th terrorist attacks and a stalled plan to build a pipeline to exploit the vast natural gas fields along the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan. Their story pointed damning fingers at American petroleum companies and the Bush administration, citing instances where U.S. anti-terrorism efforts were thwarted in order to smooth the way for the pipeline deal.

Brisard and Dasique were paid little mind by the American news media.
Many of their allegations were based upon conjecture, circumstantial
evidence, and the words of a dead man named John O'Neill. Their
argument seemed plausible enough the interests of the Bush
administration and the energy industry are, in essence, one and the same-- but without proper corroboration, there was nowhere for the story to go.

In the last 100 hours, however, the substance behind Brisard and
Dasique's accusations has been amply augmented.
. .

(Via This Modern World again.)

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Some things are more important than revenge.

I am really surprised and disgusted at the lengths that Israel will go to to apprehend a handful of "terrorists" that are trapped in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

This is a structure that was built in the year 330. Now, I live in a city in California that barely existed 30 years ago. Having never traveled outside the US, I've never seen buildings more than a few hundred years old at the most. To me, a building that is 50 years old is an relic of the past. Over a hundred and a building is somewhat amazing. A building that is 1969 years old is beyond my comprehension. Why wouldn't a 1969 year old
building be off limits to people with guns?

Add to that the fact that to Christians, there could hardly be a sacred spot on earth. For God sake, Christ (if such a person really existed) (and I'm not saying he didn't) was born on that spot. You would think that Sharon would be getting a lot more pressure to withdraw.

Yesterday, the oldest part of the building caught on fire. Both sides blamed the other. The Israelis must think that the rest of the world is pretty stupid -- if I am in a building and people on the outside of the building are going to kill me if I come out, I am not going to set fire to that building.

Who is inside the building? Israel says that there are about 20 "terrorists," (people who are contemplating violent acts against Israel) and a few who may be implicated in the assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism. They may not have been involved in that assassination -- they have not, nor will they ever have a fair trial. But whoever they are, do we really need to allow them to destroy one of the oldest buildings in the world to apprehend them?