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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Here's the best article I've seen so far on the whole Iraq deal.

As repugnant as the idea of an attack is, I was thinking, what if he does it? Lots of young men die. The economy turns south (well, further south.) People hate chimpy and he doesn't get re-elected. Yay!

But, what really would happen is this: Lots of young men die. The economy goes further south. Chimpy's approval rating goes up to %97. He is re-elected in a landslide.

People are stupid.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I will now stop blogging until I get off the pain meds. Later.

That's what I get for posting on pain meds.

As my regular reader(s) know, I had foot surgery. I'm taking darvocet for the pain. My brain is all messed up because of it . I can't remember things and I sometimes use the wrong words when speaking. Looking back, I should not have been blogging, but I thought "hey, no one reads this, so why not?"

I had a few visitors lately who pointed out the misspelled words made rude comments. "Joe," who thinks "people are stupid" says:

liberals reading liberals. jesus wept.

you guys need to put down your laptops and learn about direct action. that's how you're going to change things - not by criticizing them on your little sites

I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. I wonder when blogging and direct action became mutually exclusive.

Some one else said: Kim, before your criticism of lunchtime chat has the authenticity you want it to have, you're going to have to spell a little better (viz., disapointed, eriadite, etc.). And you're working under the influence of a contradiction, that politics is important and is about ideas and apparently idle conversation isn't. But of course that's one's right. So more power to you. And thanks.

I think that my post gave the impression that I think my blog is good and about important things, and all the rest are stupid. I blame the darvacet. (sp?)That's not what I meant. I think my blog is not good. I hope it will get better, so I will keep working at it. I didn't think I gave the impression that idle conversation can't be about important things. What I meant was that some blogs regale you with minutiae, and others are more interesting. I was running into a lot of minutiae at that time.

Well, anyway, it's nice to get some comments -- so thanks everyone! I hope the clarity of my posts will improve as the foot starts to recover.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

I've been looking around at blogs today, and a lot of people are talking about this, -- the man who is suing fast food chains because of their contributions to his health problems. Everybody is unanimous in their condemnation of the poor man who didn't realize he was killing himself with the food he was eating. I say fuck the evil fast food industry. Fuck those fuckers. Nobody realizes how much fat they are packing into their products. I'll bet even intellegent folks probably wouldn't guess at it acurately.

ďBut food isnít like cigarettes. They didnít add anything to make it addictive.Ē Aside from heroin and maybe cigarettes, there can hardly be a more addictive sublstance. Fat tastes really good, and makes you feel not hungry. Chains like KFC are "irresponsible and deceptive in the posting of their nutritional information...(and) they create a de facto addiction in their consumers, particularly the poor and children. You don't need nicotine or an illegal drug to create an addiction, you're creating a craving," Hirsch said. "I think we'll find that the fast-food industry has not been totally up front with the consumers."

It's so sad to see all my liberal blogger friends being corporate shills. They have nothing but contempt for this guy because he is so stupid that he didn't realize what he was eating. Sure, some are attacking the attorney, not so much the fat guy, but come on! NEWS FLASH! Lawyers are scum! We already knew that.

I hope there are lots of these kind of lawsuits. Maybe then the poor and the intellectually impaired will learn better nutrition. Maybe then the fast food corporations will learn that they can offer good tasting food that doesn't kill you. Maybe then they will learn that you can put a slightly less huge glop of mayo on that burger and it will still taste okay.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I cannot edit that last post to show the final question mark. Maybe paying salon $40 for blog hosting is not such a bad idea after all.

I have a horrible confession to make.

I think most blogs are boring.

It's awful, I know. I've been reading a few of them, in an effort to find blogs I could "trade links" with. Well, they don't seem to measure up. I guess some people like reading about what you may have done that day -- your boring, everyday, personal stuff. Stuff that you might talk about with your co-workers in the lunch room at break. I came to this blogging thing with some pretty grandiose ideas about, well, ideas. You know, politics and important things. I'm disappointed in you people. And the ones that do discuss ideas are either right wing or written with such a erudite tone as to make me feel quite sleepy.

That said, there are a few worth reading. This Modern World is what a blog should be. Where are the others? Someone, clue me in, okay

Sunday, July 21, 2002

How about if we all just volunteer not to murder or steal as well?

Democrats say Bush global warming plan "baloney"

The White House plan for reducing industrial emissions of carbon dioxide is "voluntary." Yeah, that'll work.

Soon I will be too scared to blog.

Arabs in U.S. could be held, official warns

Along with anyone who complains, no doubt.

If there's a future terrorist attack in America "and they come from the same ethnic group that attacked the World Trade Center, you can forget about civil rights," (U.S. Civil Rights) commission member Peter Kirsanow said.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Now I am really scared.

Bush Seeks Powers for Security Plan

Some of the more fundamental changes would involve the military. Bush suggests that congress perform a "thorough review" of the Reconstruction-era "posse comitatus" law that bars use of the military in civilian law enforcement.

The laws that limit the abilities of the military to operate on US soil are there for a very good reason -- to prevent the armed forces from being employed against its own people. Bush's removing or weakening those limitations would be a very scary thing indeed

Thursday, July 18, 2002

More scary links about T.I.P.S.

I'm glad to see that Patrick Leahy is scared, too:

Brattleboro Reformer -- Plan likened to Cold War paranoia

Another short, scary article:

Editors' Links -- An American Stasi

(Thanks again, This Modern World.)

When did it become a police state?

A Police State In Stars And Stripes -- Why Jose Padilla Matters

I get SO pissed off when I hear people say "we're fighting a war!" Um, WE'RE NOT you bloody idiot. There is no war going on now. The war on terror is like the "war on drugs." Not an actual war, but a "war" against an abstraction. These phoney wars serve important purposes -- to distract from the real issues, and to help speed up the slow erosion of civil liberties. And the "war on terror" is so much better than the "war on drugs." After all, who do you know that "experimented with terrorism in college," or "ocaisionally do some terrorism on the weekends?" Plus, they don't have to catch you "holding" to throw you in jail for the rest of your life.

Anyways, read this very excellent short article if you have any doubt that this is now a police state -- meaning that any one can be held for any length of time without any evidence. Why doesn't that scare people? It scares me.

(Thanks, This Modern World.)

Sunday, July 14, 2002

BTW, I am recovering from foot surgery, on pain meds, and pissed because I can't walk. Thus, no blogging of late.

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